Visual stories inspiration

I thought I would share the starting point to my self initiated project.

I attended a talk at LCC by Alice Twemlow, a writer educator and critic whose work focuses on Graphic Design theory. She talked about book design and especially ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne. She talked about a particular squiggle that caught her attention (see the one below)


That then got me thinking about clever design and typography in books. I looked through my own bookshelf and found a very old edition from the 50s of Alice in Wonderland that belonged to my grandmother. I found quite a few interesting playful uses of typography in it, and I especially liked the letters mimicking the tail of a mouse. This inspired me to experiment with type and storytelling for this project.


Zine workshop

Our afternoon of drawing at the National Gallery was followed by a zine workshop. We had to use the drawings we made at the gallery and turn them into a zine that reflected our experience of that visit. As I am currently working on my portfolio for DPS, I decided I wanted my zine to be one of the projects I would use in it. I was quite excited about making a zine because it is something I have been meaning to do for a long time and I attempted a few times, and failed to ever complete them.

My zine is about how emotion and intentions can be read in the hands we see in paintings. Especially in renaissance paintings, where poses are usually quite dramatic. I used a quote by Michel de Montaigne which I thought was very fitting of that theme and turned it into a poster to have on the back of my zine.