Collaborations and Networking

In this lecture Frania encouraged us to map our network and create connections between people that knew each other. The aim of the exercise was to see if we had open or closed networks, and see if our connections were in separate groups – friends, family, university, or if they were all intertwined together. I think at the moment my network isn’t as open as it could be and I think it’s something I want to build on.

An open network means you are linked to people who are not connected to your friends and it is really important to have that as designers because it opens up possibilities for collaborations and possibilities to enrich ourselves and our practice through meeting new people. I think it’s a good thing that CTS sessions mix students from different courses across UAL because I enjoy talking to people that aren’t on the same course as me. I think everyone you bother to have a conversation with has something interesting to teach you and it can always open up the gate for new friendships and new ideas to spread. As entrepreneurs we should constantly be thinking about how to enrich our networks and meet people from different parts of the industry.

I recently entered and was part of the winners for a competition called Xhibit 2017, which is an exhibition for UAL students across all six colleges, all courses and all years from Foundation to PhD. I am really excited about this opportunity because I am going to be able to meet all the other students in the exhibition and see their work. This could give me ideas for future collaborations and help me expand my practice.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 23.43.13.png

This term I also did a few collaborative projects that benefited my practice greatly; I did a project with BA Animation students and learnt how to do frame by frame animation on Photoshop, and I also collaborated with some BA Graphic and Media Design students to create an app design (which I had never done before but always wanted to do) for R/GA, the international advertising agency. This has enriched my portfolio so much so I hope to do more and more collaborations this year and in my 3rd year.

Reference list:

Xhibit (2017). Available at: (Accessed: 12/03/17)


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