Beauty Salon – Vintage sale

On Tuesday 21st of February my group was chosen to set up the Beauty Salon. We decided we thought it was beautiful to help others and to donate to charity. We all agreed that we would bring items to sell like clothes that we didn’t wear anymore or some of our personal artwork.

We teamed up with Arts RAG, which is a society that helps volunteer and fundraise for those in need. Their charities are Mind, QEF and Anti-Slavery and the money raised throughout the year gets split equally between all three of them at the end. Arts RAG were also going to help us advertise the event in college and on their Facebook page.

People in our group tried out different poster designs for the event:

Poster design by Dana-Mari Tarakchieva
Poster design by Eva Popović

We decided to go with Eva’s poster because the information was presented in a more straightforward way whilst also incorporating illustration to keep it appealing.

The room we were allowed to set up our business in was on the eleventh floor of the tower block. At 5.30 we set up the items we were selling on tables, put some music on, and sat down and waited for people to arrive. Which they never did. We eventually decided we would move our things downstairs in the main hall, where we had a much better chance of catching someone’s attention.

Because it was a late afternoon on a Tuesday, most students had already gone home and I think we would’ve attracted more people if we had set it up in the early afternoon. We also only started advertising the event a couple of days earlier, and I think advertising it as soon as we decided on our idea would have been a smarter move.

In the end we did manage to attract a few buyers, mainly by addressing walkers by and touting our products.

Even though every penny raised counts, I think we should’ve thought our idea through a bit more and thought of better ways to advertise our event and our products.


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