Art deco patterns

As I am in the process of finishing my Catalyst book, I have been looking at art deco patterns for my front cover.

I was inspired by this beautiful white and gold edition of The Great Gatsby, and as a lover of beautiful books this makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it in a book store.

Art deco patterns are some of my favourite types of patterns. They are very bold and detailed at the same time and they just look very striking and elegant.


I decided to create the design of my front cover as a dry point print. My illustrations on the inside of my book are very imperfect and a bit rough around the edges, I wanted to hand draw my pattern rather than having a perfectly symmetrical digital one. As my colours scheme is yellow, grey and black, I made a few tests to see which combination I liked best.

In the end I went for the black print on white paper. The other prints somehow clashed with the colours inside my book, the greys not matching up or the yellow looking too greenish.



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