Creative Entrepreneurship introduction – Thinking about blogging

Creative entrepreneurship is the act of setting up a business in the creative industry. It means being a designer that is able to understand the consumer’s needs and create innovative business strategies. As a second year design student I still don’t feel as though I really know much about the creative industry and one of my biggest concerns is what I will end up doing after I graduate. I chose this CTS option because I want to learn how to sell my work and survive as an illustrator/graphic designer in this competitive industry which is reputedly so hard to push your way through. Whether you plan on being a freelancer or full-time employee, I believe having an entrepreneurial mindset is what makes us interesting as creators as it shows our abilities to problem solve in an original and innovative way.

In our first session we discussed the purpose of having a blog and how to make it interesting. Some people talked about the blogs they followed and what made them want to visit them regularly: frequent updates, good website design, quality of information, subject matter and viewpoint of the blogger. I personally like to follow blogs that are nicely designed and have good pictures. That is what will immediately draw me in. I mainly like to follow blogs about food, travel and fashion but also blogs about politics and culture. We were given some blog entries to read and reflect on, mine was from Seth Godin’s blog and was about clickbait media. I thought the article was interesting and eye opening, but then one of my classmates pointed out that Seth Godin is always very interested in self promotion. He writes about marketing and business and essentially about how to become a creative entrepreneur, having managed to turn himself into a brand people want to buy into. Nevertheless I enjoyed the article and found that the format of his blog goes hand in hand with the message he is trying to put across: we shouldn’t be spreading easy clickbait information, we should be focused on producing and reading thoughtful and intelligent media.

Reference list:

Godin, S. (2017). The candy diet. Available at: (Accessed: 17/01/17)




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