Women’s magazines that don’t suck

One of my biggest peeves in life are mainstream magazines for women. They are just so awful that I cannot bear to look at most of them, and when I inadvertently lay eyes on one and can’t help but read a few sentences, a small part inside of me always dies a little and I end up regretting it. I think it is pretty obvious that they represent everything that is wrong with the world and they are the epitome of patriarchal ideology: gender roles and oppression galore! Recently I decided to go on a hunt for women’s magazines that actually aren’t terrible and that don’t make me want to rip my eyes out. I came across this article on autostraddle.com : 15 Women’s Magazines That Don’t Suck, Are Awesome. Some of the magazines mentioned were real gems that I will definitely be looking at regularly. I think women deserve media that isn’t weirdly obsessed with weight loss, doesn’t teach women that they are judged on and defined by the way they look, and that they have to buy countless products to try and change all the things that are ‘naturally wrong’ with their bodies. Generally, I think women deserve magazines that don’t tell you what to want and what to buy, as dictated by the patriarchy.

There are a bunch of magazines and websites out there that empower women, providing articles and news stories about a wide range of topics that include politics, art, movies, books, activism, culture . Having these media outlets is also really helpful in finding information and opinion outside of dominant mainstream sources like the BBC or The Times, for personal or research purposes. One of mine and many other people’s favourites is Bitch Magazine (http://bitchmedia.org) , which is a ‘non-profit, feminist independent media organisation’. The reason I love this magazine/website is because it represents a voice that we don’t usually see in popular culture, it opens up a dialogue and it welcomes any readers that are open to considering that feminism is not just for ‘women who don’t want to shave their legs’. They have been criticised for the name of their magazine before, but they explain that they took a word which was used to shut down women that expressed sentiments that ‘differentiated [them] from a doormat’ and reclaimed it, because being an outspoken woman is a great thing.

Some other magazines that I like include: Vagenda Magazine (http://vagendamagazine.com) and Bust (http://bust.com), The Gentlewoman (http://thegentlewoman.co.uk) and Shameless (http://shamelessmag.com)



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Reference list

Autostraddle (2012) 15 Women’s Magazines That Don’t Suck, Are Awesome. Available at: https://www.autostraddle.com/14-good-womens-magazines-stuff-thats-worth-your-time-money-136118/ (Accessed: 04/12/16)



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