Catalyst story

Broken down version of story:

Characters: Andrew Webb, Emma Drew, Katy Stevens


They are all on the hunt for yellow stickers.

Andrew goes in supermarkets looking specifically for yellow stickers. He says he has a problem.

Emma and her husband split up on xmas Eve but they still went shopping for reduced food together. Every night at 7.30 she goes into supermarkets looking for bread reduced to 10p.

Katy is always on the lookout for the glistening yellow stickers between 5pm and 7pm. Her favourite time to go hunting for bargains is the day before a bank holiday or xmas.

Themes: Obsession with bargains, an attraction for the colour yellow, a deep love of food.

Setting: The reduced-to clear aisles of supermarkets, usually in the evening. In England.


Reimagined story:

find the bit you hate and swap it around: the location (England) and era (modern day)

The story is set in New York in the 1920s. This is the era where clubs are illegal because alcohol is prohibited. There is an illegal supermarket hidden somewhere in New York where people go at night. Its gloomy artificial lighting is similar to a club. People wear tight lycra trousers and glitter suits underneath their long grey coats and sneak through dimly lit streets to find the supermarket. The supermarket is an antique shop on the outside but on the inside it’s a modern day Sainsbury’s. The yellow stickers are in the alcohol section, but everything British is illegal in the US so people are smuggling baked beans and HP sauce as well. All the colours in the supermarket are bright and they glow, especially the yellow sticker section. People go there to dance, to meet and to buy illegal products. Mainly the working class poor go there, as rich families get away with sneakily having cellars full of liquor. It is a secret club called the ‘Yellow stickers’. No one talks about it during the day time, people that go to that club pass each other in the street and make eye contact but they have to pretend they don’t know each other. The only way of showing they are a member of this club is because they all have a yellow circle sewn on the inside of their coat pocket. We don’t know these people’s names and we rarely see their face in the daytime but in the night time they transform completely and they reveal the deepest most twisted fantasy of who they really want to be. The nights in the supermarket are full of excess, debauchery and overindulgence.



Inspiration for the story taken from The Great Gatsby, Fight Club, A Clockwork Orange.







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