Female gaze – creative writing

Short scene from movie or TV show from the point of view of a female director.

It was a usual day at the studio and we were about to shoot the third episode ever of ‘Unseen’,   a brand new TV show featuring an all women cast. I helped write the show and I was also the appointed camera woman. When we thought up the idea for the show, Liz and I were adamant we were going to create a show that would represent women of all different backgrounds, genders, sexualities and cultures. Our cast was made up entirely of  new and unknown actresses. So far we had gotten a really positive response and women all over the country were calling us up and asking to have a part in the show. As I turned the camera on, our star actress walked in and got ready for her scene. Liz clapped her clapboard (she never got tired of it) and rolling we were.

Ekema is the main character in our TV show. This particular episode starts with her waking up in the morning and getting ready. She does not try to look attractive as she rolls over in her bed and disables her alarm clock with a bang of her fist. Her hair isn’t brushed and she is not wearing any makeup (as most people don’t first thing in the morning). Liz and I were so tired of watching women in movies waking up gracefully with a full face of makeup and perfect hair. As she gets up and has a shower my camera isn’t focused on sexualising her body, the scenes of her undressing reflect the tired, mechanic movements of an early morning. She walks into the kitchen where her flatmate Giovanna is already sitting at the table. They exchange good mornings and proceed to have a brief conversation about Giovanna’s girlfriend coming over for a movie night that evening. As she talks she is eating her breakfast, which is substantial. She is portrayed as a woman who enjoys eating good food, and I took great pleasure in filming her eat, zooming in slightly. In most films and TV shows the camera avoids filming women eating meals, in the media this is not perceived as ‘attractive’. Well sod that, I thought, as Ekema was taking big mouthfuls of toast.

‘And… cut!’ I shout, satisfied with the footage, ‘That’s this morning done, folks, good work’. Today was going to be productive I could tell.





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