Paper maché is cool

… It’s not only for primary school science projects.


I’m currently working on my utopia for the ‘See you in 6G’ project. In our group, we have now got a very detailed and rich idea of what our futuristic world is. Each of us also has developped their own utopian world. We can all access our utopia through our ‘dream pods’, they allow us to escape the over crowded and polluted city and go to our dream place. Our advanced city revolves around blood, which acts as a new currency and also a way of defining social hierarchy. We have to donate blood to the energy supplier every month in return for being able to access our pods. For our 3D model our group decided that we would build our ‘advanced city’ in the middle and then have five different models that connect to it, onto which we will build our five different utopias.

We decided to do it this way because we all agree that we are all different and don’t have the same idea of what a utopia is. Therefore each of our utopian worlds is different and personal to us. The advanced city in the middle is there to link all of us back to the reality.

My utopia is a world where everything is possible and everything that is normal is defied. I will post more about my model and my utopia once it’s finished, I still have to paint it and there are a few more bits and pieces I want to add to it.


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