Old photograph // Instagram


I was looking through my old blog and I found a photograph of Sicilian lemons I took back in 2012. At the time I shared a summer blog with one of my closest friends, it was our way of keeping in touch with each other and we would document our holidays with pictures and notes and then post it on our blog.

I probably didn’t think much of this photo at the time when I took it but when I stumbled upon it earlier I was really struck by the beauty of it. I remember many years ago I was obsessed with photography and wanted to become a photographer/blogger.

I have now become so used to thinking of myself as a drawer and an illustrator that I have almost forgotten how much I love taking pictures.

I absolutely love Instagram. I think it has rekindled my love for taking pictures, and although many negative things can be said about it, it’s a great app. I think it is different from Twitter or Facebook because posting on Instagram involves the process of taking a picture, and forces Instagram users to think about composition, colour, filter (they are great when used well), framing… It brings out everyone’s creative side and what is even more interesting is how people also conform to ‘aesthetics’ : the ‘so tumblr’ aesthetic (guilty), the fitness instagrammer aesthetic, the food pics aesthetic… there are many conventional ways of taking a picture on instagram and I think many people strive to have that particular aesthetic or theme to their feed. I think that can be a great thing and force people to get better at taking pictures.

Not going to lie, I am actually quite proud of my instagram and of the pictures I take. I usually edit my pictures so the colours are bright and vibrant, and I take pictures of everything that inspires me and that I find beautiful. I think instagram should not be looked down upon by people who love photography as there are many incredible photos being posted on there everyday.

this is my instagram page : https://www.instagram.com/redsparklyshoes/



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