Dream pods

Our new studio project explores Utopias. We have been put into groups and asked to come up with our own utopia, but it also has to contain some dystopian elements so as not to fall into clichés and binary points of view.

In our group we have come up with the idea that everyone has a ‘dream pod’ they can escape to. The dream pods are personal to everyone, because we do not all have to same idea of what a utopia is. Because they are so intimate, we can only access our pods through the most unique and personal thing we have : our blood. We thought the idea of blood was also interesting because they are a lot of things we have to think about : how much blood can we use until it becomes dangerous? What about blood groups? Blood conditions? If your blood is ill how does that affect your pod? Stealing someone else’s blood to enter their pod?

In our pods, everything is possible and everything we ever wanted is there. To the point where it’s almost maddening… We also have a limited amount of time in our pods and have to return to the real world to eat, sleep and be with our loved ones. This is where our dystopia meets our utopia, as this concept reminds me of drug addictions. Our idea is still very rough and we need to do some research and dig into it. I have been drawing some Matrix-looking pods and thinking about blood.


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