Zine inspiration

A zine (pronounced ‘zeen’) is a small self-published booklet or magazine. Anyone can make a zine : illustrators, designers, artists, writers, film makers, neuroscientists, chefs, cat sitters… you! ArtofAwkInside5.jpg

This is a picture taken from this blog: http://www.thediyeye.com/category/illustration/page/2/


In our last CTS session we got handed out a pile of different zines that were published at different times and we had a chance to look through them and pick the ones that we liked to have a look at them. Some of them were from the the britpop era, some of them more modern, and it was wonderful seeing them all layed out together on the table with their colourful and beautiful covers. I absolutely love the concept of zines, it gives everyone a voice and a chance to make something easily and without the pressure of it looking ‘professional’ or ‘perfect’. Often in zines people talk about really personal and controversial issues that aren’t usually talked about in mainstream media: gender identity, race, sexism… the one that I picked up was about adults reflecting on growing up as an ‘arty’ kid. Zines could be about anything. As opposed to making a blog post, a zine is something that you can hold in your hands and flick through, which I think is much more engaging. Illustration lovers will agree with me that there is nothing more appealing than a book with a beautiful design on the cover, and to me that doesn’t compare to an image on a screen. There is something special about picking up a book, feeling the paper, holding it, turning the pages… I think when you make a zine you feel as though you’ve achieved a lot more than if you had just written a blog post. Zines can be printed out multiple times and handed out to lots of people.

Making a zine is something that I definitely want to do soon and having this CTS session really inspired me to do it. There are many topics I feel passionate about and would love to explore in my zine.


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