The Displaced

Automatic writing exercise (5 min):

This morning we watched a video about three refugee children from three different countries. One was a little boy from Ukraine whose house got bombed and he had to flee to another village. he then returned to his old home, finding it had been completely destroyed and finding the dead body of his grandad in the garden. There was a little boy from South Sudan whose house had been burned down and who had to go and live in the swamps. Finally, a little girl from Syria had fled with her family to Lebanon where she had to get up every morning at 4 a.m to work to help support her family. The video was a New York Times video and it was really impressive, as it as a 360 degrees video. This meant that we could move our phones around as much as we liked to had a good look at the environment which was being filmed : it was like being there physically and being able to see everything, even what is behind you. We then had to illustrate that video, thinking about how we would represent vulnerable children. I made a drawing that had a map in it showing where each different country was and then drawing arrows and houses to show that people were having to move away from the homes and leave everything behind. I drew lots of little men and bigger portraits of the three children, pointing to were they had to flee.

I remember thinking for the first time that I was capable of giving my opinion through illustration on such a heavy and challenging subject.

5 keys words:

360 degrees, illustration, refugees, home, video

Concept: Immersing ourselves into other people’s lives / Immersion

Monoprinting shenanigans 

This afternoon I spent some time doing Monoprinting for the first time. I’ve done Screen printing before and although the results were really nice and I loved it, it is quite a long process as it takes a whole day to prep the screen. Monoprinting is very fast and you can do dozens of prints in just an hour. I experimented quite a lot around my theme of dancing, cutting out shapes that looked like disco balls, shoes, lights, hands in the air…

I was happy with some of the results but not all of them, I think I still need to spend more time experimenting and getting used to it.


Nebula dancing

The project I’m currently working on is all about going crazy on the dance floor. I absolutely love to go dancing, let loose, have a ball, go a little bit mad. People who love dancing will tell you that dancing is freeing. Dancing is like flying through space, it’s like traveling through time and being able to be a million different people. I like to go dancing in clubs because I like the coloured lights, the disco balls and the darkness. It feels intimate, and spectacular and it looks like you’ve entered another world, which is why so many people are able to let loose and forget themselves when they are in a club. It’s such a harsh contrast with the crispy bright freshness of the next morning, the return to reality.

I have started playing around with images of space and photos that I have taken on nights out, because as my tutor pointed out to me a few days ago, nightclubs can look very similar to galaxies. I think they are alike in terms of how they look, but also in what they represent : a big open space that you can float and fly through and that’s isolated from any concept of time or reality.