I’ve been thinking about houses on rings all evening

ring futur 1

Traditional jewish rings have houses on them to represent the newly married couple’s future house. A man called Michael Burton was inspired by this to create a ring with a house on it, and it is on display in the jewellery section at the V&A.


His ring is a lot different from the traditional jewish ones because it features quite a shabby looking house and one a newly married couple wouldn’t really want to move into. I definitely think there is some irony on Michael Burton’s part here.

I find very interesting the idea that you could wear something that indicates your future and that is also quite a fun idea to play around. What if we lived in a world were everybody had to wear a ring that dictates what their future should be? I had this conversation with my tutor and she said it reminded her of when parents name their children ‘Perfect’, ‘Hope’ or even ‘Spectacular’ ! That is a way of telling the world what you want your child’s destiny to be, but what if they don’t want to be called that? What if they just want to be called Jim? What if they’re under this massive pressure to be perfect, spectacular etc ?

I’m also very interested in the idea of alienation at the moment and I think this is a way of being alienated from your own name. I’ve been playing around with illustration and trying to produce a series of them that deal with this idea of alienation in relation to the ring concept (hence the huge finger and ring, themselves alienating the wearer because of their hugeness – see above illustration)


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