First CTS session

On our first CTS session we opened up a discussion about ‘Cataloging’, which is what we are going to be focusing on for the rest of the semester. We focused on the book ‘Illustration: A Visual History’ by Seymour Chwast & Stephen Heller, and were encouraged to look at the contents table and think critically about the way the information was being cataloged.

The contents were sorted into two categories: Style and Form. The Style section was meant to be organised in a chronological order but as we looked more closely we noticed that the way these different periods were classified wasn’t a very accurate representation of reality: the context page conveniently separated everything when in reality different things happened at the same time or some things might have been overlapping others. We also noticed how this list was very European and American centred.

In our afternoon ISHE session we started to look at the difference between Primary and Secondary research.

Primary research: an original document that hasn’t been interpreted by someone else’s original point of view. Ex: exhibitions, a manuscrit, a photograph, a piece of clothing, a drawing…

Secondary research: summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research. Ex: Reproductions, Reading someone else’s opinion, reading a book about a particular subject or watching a TV program as the information that is presented might be biased.


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